Vehicle Condition Advice Report

28th February 2005

BPCA 1005/05E


Make/Model:                 MG TC

Year of registration:       1946

Registration:                  HNA 342

Specification:                Modified to 1350cc 4 Cyl. OHV 58 BHP (approx).




In a good and presentable order, having undergone a comprehensive restoration, with the wings, front scuttle, running board, bonnet and doors repaired.  The outer body panel fit is generally fairly good, but not perfect.  In particular, the O/S bonnet fit is a little inconsistent, which affects the opening/shutting of the bonnet, especially at the rear.  The door fit is in need of improvement, with the N/S door loose on its hinges and where the fixing screws enter the wooden timbers.  The O/S door is a little better, but both doors do not line up with the bulkhead, and both ‘kick-out’ at the bottom.  The rear mounted fuel tank is not quite central and the running boards are not uniform in their fit.  The tank and running board positions are only slightly inconsistent, and realistically are probably as good as when the vehicle type was current.  The O/S bonnet louvers appear to be a little indented and non uniform.  Resprayed well in Ivory colour, but with a few minor paint chips, paint runs and abrasions.  There are also some small areas of ‘flat’ paint, which would probably improve with some polishing attention.  Generally, the paint application is good.  The brightwork is generally very good, including the radiator cowel, headlamps and door handles.  However, the O/S door handle is particularly stiff to operate, in fact the handle failed to operate after testing.




In a good condition, with the seats good.  The seat squabs and back have been reconditioned, the door trims and carpets renewed.  The wooden dash is very good and has been renewed, and the interior brightwork and instruments are cosmetically good.  The mohair type hood is very good, having been ‘tailor’ made to fit the vehicle.  The hood frame has been repainted.  The door/sill rubber seals are missing.




Appears to be in a good order, with the chassis sound, having had a localised repair at some time to the front chassis legs at the joints.  Some decay appears to have been removed or cut away from the chassis near the front legs at some time, and although the area is sound and with structural rigidity, the area is ‘ragged’ a little.  The chassis outriggers, crossmembers and frame are good, and the wooden floor has been renewed.  There are a couple of fixing screws missing to the rear bulkhead to frame area.  The front O/S inner wing ‘splash’ panel is slightly inconsistent in its fit.  The chassis has been painted black recently.  Car No: TC 1245.





In a working order, but running particularly unevenly and fast, and in need of attention to improve.  The engine appears (and is reported) to have been reconditioned and overhauled throughout, with the piston assemblies, compression rings, valve assemblies, bearings and gaskets renewed.  The bores have been re-profiled and enlarged.  The inlet manifold modified and the cylinder head reworked to run on unleaded fuel.  The radiator has been reconditioned and the coolant hoses are new.  The exhaust system is new, but there is a slight emissions leak from the manifold.  The twin Stromberg carburettors have been reconditioned, with new fuel hoses and pipes, but the rear float chamber leaks fuel and no air filter has been fitted, so some finalising and set up is required to improve.  An in-line fuel filter has been fitted, but its fitting position along with the hose is in a potentially dangerous position: perhaps some slight repositioning, although not to original specification could be considered.  The engine oil has been serviced recently, but there is a sizeable leak from the filter housing area, which requires improvement.  The engine runs extremely unevenly, and in addition I observed some movement on the engine mounts.  The fixing bolts appear to be of a different size which may affect the stability of the unit.  The vehicle wasn’t road tested as the engine runs poorly, and because of the fuel and lubrication leaks further damage was potential, so the mechanical examination was limited.  Indicated mileage of 3 miles.  Engine No: XPAG 1850.




In a working order, having been rewired throughout, to a good standard, sympathetic to the original presentation.  The startermotor and generator and probably the fuel pump appear to have been reconditioned.  The voltage regulator appears to be fairly new, but the cover is held in position with adhesive tape.  The battery is reasonably new, but the charging/fan belt is in need of adjustment.  The ignition components have recently been serviced, including the plugs, leads and coil, etc.  The lights, additionally fitted indicators, horn and windscreen wipers all work.




4 speed manual in a working order, although not fully tested due to engine faults.  However, I observed that the gear selection and the clutch mechanism work well, having been reconditioned and renewed respectively.  The prop’shaft and universal joints appear to be good, and the rear differential reworked.


Brake System


Drum brakes front and rear, hydraulically operated, with the drums reworked and with new wheel cylinders, brake pipes and linings fitted.  The brake fluid is fresh.  In operation I observed some imbalance, with the N/S rear wheel locking prematurely and causing a slight ‘pull’ to the N/S.  Further checking advised, but I suspect some adjustment and use will probably improve.




Again evaluation limited to a visual inspection mainly, due to engine faults.  However, various components have been renewed, with the king pins, front and rear suspension bushes replaced.  The front and rear shock absorbers are good, the rear being telescopic type.  The leaf springs appear to be reasonable, but the spring bushes appear to be old.  The steering works fairly well, although heavy by modern standards.  The wire wheels are new and tyres are good.  Further checking advised.




As I have already indicated verbally, this report should only be used as a guide and may not necessarily be to the full, but it is correct to the best of Classic Assessments' knowledge.  Observations made within this report are to help evaluate the vehicle.


This vehicle has undergone a considerable and significant amount of repairs and restoration work.  The standard of the work is generally high, although there are a variety of areas which require improvement and attention.


The vehicle’s body structure is generally good, the interior trim and upholstery is very good and cosmetically, the exterior of the vehicle is almost first class, apart from some minor paint defects.  The outer body panel work is relatively good, apart from the door fit which is in need of some considerable attention.


Mechanically, the engine although appearing to have been rebuilt, is in need of some running improvement, especially to the fuel system and carburettors.  There also appears to be a requirement to improve the brake operation and one or two areas which require ‘setting up’ correctly.


The vehicle was not road tested, which I advise should be considered after various improvements have been undertaken and completed, and prior to collection.


The vehicle isn’t perfect or first class, but is generally a good or very good example of the type in its present overall condition.  This condition would be improved upon with some care to detail with the attention carried out.







B Page.  MIMI,

Classic Assessments