19th April 2005

CATS 14/05 E


After a performing a ‘follow-up’ inspection of Mr Burton’s MGTC (Reg: HNA 342), the following observations are reported:

v       The bonnet fit is improved, but still a little inconsistent at the front.

v       The door fit is improved on both sides, and the doors now line up better.

v       The doors have been repainted and match well.

v       The door hinges have been re-aligned and are now supported with plates behind the hinge fixings.

v       The door handle on the O/S has been renewed.

v       The door rubber seals have been fitted, and the chrome sill covers are fitted.

v       Mechanically, the vehicle appears to run well, with the twin carburettors reworked and adjusted correctly.

v       The leaking exhaust manifold has been corrected, and the rear mounted fuel filter has been secured in a better position.

v       On test, a lubrication leak developed from the oil filter housing and from the rocker cover gasket.  The leak from the oil filter housing was cured with the fitting of a new copper washer seal.  The rocker cover leak is to be improved upon.

v       The engine mounts have been tightened and new replacement fixing bolts have been fitted.

v       The charging/fan belt has been adjusted.

v       The brakes have also had some improved adjustment and on test performed well for type and design.

v       The rear suspension spring bushes have been renewed.


During my inspection of the vehicle, I observed the following:


§          The central clip between the two halves of the bonnet is loose and requires fixing.

§          The bonnet louvers remain in the condition as per my previous report on the vehicle, as are the running boards, rear wings and fuel tank fit.

§          The hood and tonneau cover require some cleaning.

§          The N/S rear lamp cover has a slight crack to it.

§          The voltage regulator cover has adhesive tape to hold it in place. (New part unobtainable).

§          The rocker cover gasket leaks oil slightly.

§          The rear bulk head cover still has some fixing screws missing.


On further discussion between the owner and the restorer, it was agreed that the following would be rectified/improved upon:


a)                  Refit the central bonnet clip.

b)                  The hood and tonneau cover would be cleaned.

c)                  The rocker cover gasket seal would be improved upon.

d)                  The bulkhead fixing screws would be fitted.

e)                  The correct type of front auxiliary lamp would be sourced and fitted.

f)                    The rear light cover replaced with a better item.

g)                  At least 50 miles test drive in the vehicle prior to collection, and if any adjustment or malfunction were identified it should be corrected.

h)                   The vehicle to be in a clean and presentable order for collection on the agreed day in May, 2005.


Hopefully, the above has provided your client with various improvements compared to the vehicle’s order previously observed.  The vehicle isn’t perfect, but it is a very good and highly presentable example of the type.





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